About us

Did you know that the first memories that human beings fix in their mind, during childhood and even before birth are the aromas? The smell, of all senses, is the oldest one, the most developed and one of the most powerful. Well, then the big conclusion is that aromas that are part of our daily life in a powerful way and we should make the most of the well-being that can be given to us and those we love.
It is our intention to improve the quality of life of people like you, giving greater warmth to the spaces you inhabit, changing your mood and providing you with color, life and a striking accessory to preserve or give away.
We put the ideas...
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About founder

Whiffshop was created by Valentina Hoyos, a young doctor who loves natural treatments, believing that the main tool to heal emotional wounds or physical illnesses is the mind and that it can be helped by the smells that we perceive daily, even without realizing it.

She is a sport and Mediterranean food lover.

For her, this online store is another way to heal minds and hearts even without being present.